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What is Populi?

"...If we can redefine apathy, not as some kind of internal syndrome, but as a complex web of cultural barriers that reinforces disengagement, and if we can clearly define, we can clearly identify, what those obstacles are, and then if we can work together collectively to dismantle those obstacles, then anything is possible."
by Dave Meslin

Populi is a civic culture project whose main form of massification is through YouTube. Populi seeks to link culture to a deeper and academic content, including subjects such as politics, philosophy, science and many others.

We intend to encourage participation in public debate through an invitation to reflect on issues of civil society and at the same time, valuing the creativity of people reflected in all areas, such as entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, culture and Arts.



Development Areas
Civic Culture

Definition and basic concepts to understand how a society, its rules and institutions work. Promotion of innovative ideas related to any cultural discipline, such as arts, music, etc.

Sociedad Civil

Introduce the main trends in different academic or professional areas. Present the main exponents, entrepreneurs and innovators representing an idea, project or group (companies, foundations, etc).

Debate Público

Invitation to understand and reflect on the various public debates, including philosophical, political and ethical issues. Knowing the different positions and form their own opinion based on objective arguments.



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Project Example

José Victorino Lastarria

What ideas from Lastarria would be useful to us today?.
Project Example

Uber VS Taxis

Technology changes the way we work. Sometimes it does it way too fast.
Project Example

Fernando Villegas

Tragi-comical pessimism. Villegas helps us understand how history tends to repeat itself.
Project Example

Robots and Work

How far are we from Marx's dream? It looks closer than we might think.
Project Example

Creative Destruction

Sometimes, when we create something new, something old gets destroyed. How we should react to that?.
Project Example

Social Capital

Regardless of political ideology, we all want a society where we can all trust and cooperate with each other.

About the Content

Four Playlists for five categories
Project Example


Public Thinkers

Through the media and academic work, intellectuals are the ones who synthesize for us our political preferences. A playlist of intellectuals allows us to understand in summary, what are the major positions of the leading thinkers.

Project Example


governing entities

The academic description of an institution, as well as their functions are essential for understanding politics. Here we go over institutions such as Supreme Court, Executive, Political Parties, Social Movements and Parliament among others.

Project Example

Current Political Debates

to know each other

It is important to know the roots of the current discussions on policy. It is essential to expose the great arguments of discussions on contingencies. We want to track the main issues discussed in public today.

Project Example


ordering ideas

Understanding the concepts discussed in politics is paramount to promote a rational debate. Concepts such as social capital, creative destruction, political affection, power, etc, among many others.

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