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Collaborative scientific research
Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.
Julius Verne

Hegel Foundation conducts research in the social sciences, mainly related to sociology, politics, philosophy, education and technology areas.

Our content aims to contribute to the meditation of the impact of technology on society. We want to understand the paradigm shift proposed by the dynamics of the century, how far will the education reach, how will the dynamics of work change, what will happen to the new generations and its incorporation to the technological movement, among others.

We want to bet on interdisciplinary content, combining knowledge from different areas, by using original and combined methods. Whether they use qualitative or quantitative approaches, we are interested in combining, with the aim of explaining the world in a more comprehensive manner.

If this proposal is of your interest, we suggest you join us. To the extent that there is neatness and thoroughness in your research we pledge to sponsor your work, use it to generate debate and collaboration with other researchers.

Once approved, these will be published on platforms such as Medium and Academy under the eaves of Hegel Foundation. Similarly, we can use your whole idea, or part of it for the realization of audiovisual content.

Send us either your research proposal or your finished work. We will contact you shortly.



Diverse themes and methodologies
Globalization and Culture

After economic openness, the worlsd is rapidly changing its culture. We're interested in knowing in what ways the forces of capitalism have changed societ and what can we expect from the future.

Work and Robotics

Projections on automatization and artificial intelligence. The way in which technologies will affect the work dynamics.

Current Psychology and Anthropology

The way in which people interact, the realities they make, the phenomena that affects them. We want to understand the dynamics of this new era, incorporating a multudimensional approach with the latests theories on the subject.

Internet and Security

The dilemmas between freedom and security are taking today the agenda more than ever before. Big questions on human nature, freedom and safety ought to be address.

Philosophy in the 21st Century

The big essential questions on technology have to be address. We want to investigate where exactly are we heading with technology and what dilemmas will emerge with it.

Political Institutions

In a highly technological world, will we need the same political institution? Or will we need politics at all?.

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