Debates seeks to involve people in public debates in order to promote critical thinking and political participation. Also the program is dedicated to a young audience, who often find themselves excluded from public discussion.
The purpose is to foster a civic spirit, understood as the peaceful and rational discussion between people. We also seek to promote acceptance of different opinions, arguments justified and respect between adversaries.

Debates is an institution that aims to simplify the whole process of information on public debates. We want to make every effort to facilitate access to organized information, reducing information costs. Thus, we seek to motivate people to have justified views on various issues, based on evidence and knowledge of different arguments.



The program organizes free events in cultural spaces where a public debate is held on a specific topic. They include expert speakers in the different positions of each subject, who may be academics, teachers, politicians, representatives of foundations and research centers, among others.

One of the objectives of the event is to create a youthful atmosphere that combines elements of popular culture with information on a public issue.

The program aims to include in their events different elements that reflect current youth trends. For example, live music bands, visual arts exhibitions, dance, culinary varieties, humor, space for entrepreneurs and innovators, among other things.

In addition, all debates are filmed and recorded and then expose them via YouTube.


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Additionally, all the audiovisual material collected in the debate will be organized and worked on a website, an application and a YouTube channel. This way, all relevant information covered in the debate, can be played through these formats.

At the same time, short summaries are intended to make videos with an attractive format, which synthesizes each of the opposing positions in the debate. Thus, all people will learn about the topics discussed through the YouTube channel, easily identifying the different positions.

In this way, we are not only contributing to critically engage people in public discussion, but also facilitate the process of information on a specific topic, helping people to form a reasoned and evidence-based review.

Also, the YouTube channel seeks to reproduce the opinion of the audience and its various forms of participation. To achieve this, young journalists interact with the public in order to register their opinion on the event and the topic of discussion.

The web app, apart from hosting the mentioned videos, can bring written summaries on the main assertions of the debate, as well as podcasts to hear the content without attending the video.

  • Democracy is a daring concept - a hope that we'll be best governed if all of us participate in the act of government. It is meant to be a conversation, a place where the intelligence and local knowledge of the electorate sums together to arrive at actions that reflect the participation of the largest possible number of people.

    Brian Eno Musician


Theme Definition

As a starting point it is necessary to allocate a time for discussion on what issues are important to discuss at some point. This decision depends on the national or international contingency environment, the audience to which it is addressed, the availability of exhibitors, among other things.
In this conversation managers and executives involved Hegel Foundation.

It is important to note that the frequency of the events does not depend on a static time criterion, but it is subject to the aforementioned criteria. That is, there may be more than one debate per month, or one through several months. The timing depends on the circumstances, contingency and resource availability.


The preparation process consists of organizing everything necessary to carry out the event. This process consists of two stages: the pre-event production and dissemination.

Pre-production: Organization for the event, task managed by the event producer, which can be a person or a company. We consider particularly important the contact, organization and coordination of the following elements:

Venue, capacity of the venue, event duration, decoration, design environments, seats and chairs for debate, sound, food, live music, hosts, displays, projectors, lights, recording, bathrooms, transport materials, exhibitions, artistic, entrepreneurial space and security.

Difussion: It involves campaigns to promote the event through media such as YouTube and other social networks.


The embodiment of the event, which, depending on the circumstances, will last a certain amount of time. They can be scheduled for an afternoon (from 2 hours) or events that last a whole weekend.

Administrative management at the event will be the task of the producer, who will coordinate all the above elements.

It also takes a certain amount of technical personnel working in the organization.


Comprising the steps of audiovisual work on the material obtained in the event, such as recordings, interviews, photos. This stage is led by the audiovisual project manager. The main products obtained in this stage are:

  • Video summary of the event

  • Complete video of the event

  • Attendant's opinions

  • Summary of the positions of the debate


The stage of massification of audiovisual material post-production. Conducted largely through social networks and YouTube channel.

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